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I know this is late...

But I need to make my new years resolution. Well, I already did, but I just didn't tell anyone yet.

... I'm going to make a robot! And it is so totally going to whoop Eggman's butt.

Actually, only part of his butt, since it's so ginormous.

I've been trying to think up some schematics and blueprints, but this is harder than I thought it would be. I have no idea what I should make it look like. Though I know it's going to be fast, have flight capabilities... maybe a concealed rocket launcher if I can fit it. I was thinking of making it look like me, but I decided against it. I still remember that... thing... Eggman built.

So... what should my robot look like?


Well this is great. I just made someone leave in a huff.

What had happened was this koala girl saw me, and she went all "OMG UR TALS CAN i HAVE UR OTOGRAF PLZPLZPLZ1111!" on me. She nearly scared me to death! I tried so hard not to just scream and run away. I'm not a celebrety... and I don't want to be one. I just... );

So anyway, this foxgirl lady comes and sits between me and this psychotic koala and begins to ask me about extreme gear. What a relief! So I start talking to her, because me and Sonic were actually practicing with the stuff a while ago, when that crazy koala and that mongoose friend of her start arguing. I caught something like "But he's just shy..."

... That's what made me think they were talking about me. And then the koala left. While I'm glad she's not bothering me anymore, I can't help but feel bad that it was my fault. I just don't like being a celebrity, especially when they want to take a picture of my tails. Nothing like that has ever happened before...

;.; I feel so sad now.


Geetings internet! I'm Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails. Umm... I guess I got this LJ so I could report about things that are happening now and again... Like just now, I went to Uncle Chuck's place, and found that Sonic had his fur burnt off! Poor Sonic. ):

Well, until I get the hang of this thing (which shouldn't take too long), I guess it's goodbye.

~ Tails

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